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  • Over the past week we’ve played, tested and critiqued last week’s six finalists. While all of the remaining six were great examples of what can be accomplished with the Mission Editor, we had to eliminate three and whittle the field down to the Top Three. And here they are:

    Industry by MCHammer

    Night Infiltration by RedBaron64-ITA
    Night Infiltration

    Overload by Drecks

    Congratulations to our Top Three Finalists!

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  • Intercept

    Texture colors, sky box, lighting and atmospheric effects for Intercept tweaked. Vines on the walls removed or reduced in several areas. Result is that players will hopefully be able to more easily and quickly pick out enemies and friendlies alike.

    oldercept greenercept


    Weapon Behavior & Accuracy Cone

    • Accuracy cone algorithm improved; shots are now more evenly distributed throughout the cone – previously shots tended towards the cone’s outer edge
    • Accuracy cone penalties resulting from low health reduced
    • Crouching helps accuracy and recoil a bit more
    • Firing impacts accuracy less
    • CEM reflects accuracy correctly while sighting up
    • Shotgun spread center-point reacts to all the usual accuracy modifiers



    • Players who are vote kicked from a server will also be banned from that server for ten minutes or until the match ends; this setting may be adjusted via VoteKickBanTime in AAGame.ini on the server
    • Spectators may once again be vote kicked as intended



    • When anchored, players now duck up and down at the same speed as crouching when not anchored
    • The command to duck while anchored (Z) is now a toggle, rather than a hold – same as crouch when not anchored
    • Players may begin anchored in a ducking position by holding ‘Z’ rather than tapping it



    • Hurdle animations now play the correct footstep audio
    • Bandage and revive actions now play the correct audio for all players
    • Music and loading screen movie volume at 50% by default



    • Closed an exploit where unscrupulous players could reduce the amount of smoke produced by smoke and FOG grenades
    • Closed an exploit where players could get into a state where they could shoot and sprint at the same time
    • Fixed an issue where ambient sound could be disabled


    Miscellaneous Fixes

    • Found and fixed an issue with how foliage on Intercept was being handled, resulting in a significant performance increase for the map
    • Fixed an issue where reloads were not completing properly, resulting in the player having to reload a weapon twice
    • Fix for weapon sometimes becoming stuck in a sighted state when getting up out of a prone position
    • The incorrect player name will no longer be highlighted on shoot house leaderboards
    • Fixed an issue where the scope blur on the M24 could be lost
    • Fixed the issue where weapon fire audio would sometimes play forever upon a player’s death
    • Fixed an issue where client and server could become out of sync resulting in the the client having a weapon where the server saw a grenade; this caused the player to be unable to damage other players
    • Fix for the grenade throw animation interrupting the weapon equip animation, resulting in a player having no weapon equipped
    • Fixed several areas on Coldfront where anchoring was not working as intended
    • Fixed several spots on Intercept where downed players sometimes could not be revived/secured

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  • With just a few days until the results of the next cut is announced, we thought it would be good idea to get to know each of our Top Five finalists. We were able to spend a few minutes with Snom and RedBaron and ask them a few questions their AAPG map building experiences. We hope to do the same with the remaining three finalists shortly and will publish those interviews as we receive them.

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  • After another week of fierce competition, we’ve narrowed our list down to the Top 6! We will announce the Top 6 and then move on to provide feedback on all 12 of the maps in the running this past week. So, without further ado‚Ķ. Your Top 6!

    • Congress Centre
    • Deadend
    • Drasza
    • Industry
    • Night Infiltration
    • Overload

    Congratulations to those that are moving on!

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  • After much playtesting and deliberation, the development team has narrowed the list to the Top 12! The maps are revealed below in alphabetical order:

    Congress Centre
    We loved the look and feel of the interior of the main building. We also really enjoyed the gameplay in that space when attack breached in, as well as some of the building to building engagements we saw.

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