America's Army


  • What’s New?

    • Down players have a limited time to be revived (very little time if they were taken down with a headshot)
    • If you miss an enemy spot you can’t try again for 6 seconds
    • All new enemy weapons
    • New US weapon models
    • New US Pistol M1911
    • New Optics! (4x, 8x and shotgun holo)
    • New HUD
    • New in game UI replacing launcher functionality (still in-progress, so some options will be “coming soon” and the server browser will not have all functionality yet)
    • New gear sets on US Soldiers
    • New US Soldier camouflage patterns and colors
    • New audio engine (wwise) and weapon sounds updated
    • New Map from Steam Workshop (Drecks’  OVERLOAD)
    • New gametypes on existing maps (c4 / extract / flo )
    • Only one type of smoke grenade now
    • and much more!
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  • With the full release of America’s Army: Proving Grounds fast approaching, we have a lot of exciting things going on. Here’s a look at some of the changes that you will start seeing soon.

    New Forum

    The first big change you will see is the new and improved forum!  We are changing our forum software to take advantage of single-sign-on (use your AA account to login to the forum, instead of a forum-only account).   Read More

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  • Being a strong leader is about dedication to the mission, taking care of the Soldiers under your command and keeping yourself strong mentally and physically. For 2LT Carter, learning this critical balance becomes essential when his team is ambushed in Afghanistan and Carter must take charge in the face of overwhelming odds. Check it out in America’s Army #14 – Decide to Lead PT. Read More

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  • America’s Army Issue #13 “Decide to Lead PT.1: Changes” is out today with art by acclaimed GI JOE artist Robert Atkins. Get it now from Read More

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  • America’s Army Issue #12 “Crescendo” is out today, featuring cover artwork by GI JOE artist Robert Atkins. Features the User Made Map "Overload" by map designer Drecks. Play AA:PG and step into "Overload" for yourself!
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